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Asst Chief of Security - Natchez, MS
Description: The Assistant Chief of Security is responsible for assisting with the overall security plan and the security operations of the juvenile or adult facility, including staffing and post assignments. Promotes compliance with all applicable policies, procedures, rules, regulations and standards. Graduate from an accredited college or university with a bachelor's degree in a social or behavioral science or other acceptable rela...
Reference Code: NAT000CK
Vocational Instructor Computers - Eloy, AZ
Description: The Vocational Instructor performs instructional services of vocational and/or occupational subjects, such as business, computers/technology, carpentry, plumbing and trades which are designed to help inmates/students learn specified subject matter and acquire vocational skills. High School diploma, GED certification or equivalent is required. Three years of full-time, wage-earning experience in the subject vocational trad...
Reference Code: ELO000NX
Library Aide - Indianapolis, IN
Description: The Library Aide is responsible for the supervision of a general purpose and/or law library designed to accommodate the social, educational and legal interest and needs of an inmate population. In addition to obtaining and maintaining reference materials for inmates, the Library Aide will ensure adequate resource materials for facility employees. High School diploma, GED certification or equivalent is required. Two years ...
Reference Code: IND00092

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