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Investigator - Grants, NM
Description: The Investigator is responsible for the supervision of all internal investigations within the facility as assigned by facility management, FSC management, or Legal Department. Conducts internal investigations of allegations of misconduct by staff, to include but not limited to contractors, consultants and volunteers. Investigates grievances, facility incidents, policy violations and all felonies committed by inmates and/o...
Reference Code: GRA000D6
Academic Instructor - Millen, GA
Description: The Academic Instructor provides instruction in basic education subjects such as mathematics, science, social studies, reading, writing and language arts, to help inmates/students learn skills that will contribute to their development as mature, responsible citizens. Maintains a positive learning environment, adopting secure classroom management practices, and develops level appropriate lesson plans. Graduate from an accr...
Reference Code: MIL000A0
Licensed Practical Nurse - Nicholls, GA
Description: The Licensed Practical Nurse is responsible for the performances of basic nursing duties to include execution of physician orders, operation of pill call, operation of sick call, and assisting the physician in examinations and treatments and performs technical/clinical procedures within the scope of his/her license. Assists in the professional management of the facility medical department. Graduate from an approved school...
Reference Code: NIC000EU

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